Sulaxan commences hunger-strike with two other political prisoners in Anuradhapura

[Sun, 20 Aug 2017, 18:13 GMT]
Three Tamil political prisoners, including an Up-Country Tamil, have commenced a continuous hunger-strike at Anuradhapura prison on Sunday objecting the attempts by the SL Attorney General’s Department to transfer their cases away from the High Court in Vavuniyaa to other courts in the South. The SL State, refusing to recognize the Tamil prisoners as political prisoners, wants to process their cases under the so-called Terrorism laws without proper evidences. 30-year-old Sulaxan Mathiyarasan, who has been imprisoned since 18 May 2009 went on a hunger-strike last year and concluded his protest after a promise was extended by D.M. Swaminathan, the SL ‘Resettlement’, ‘Prison Reform’ and Hindu affairs minister, that his case would be expedited without further delay. After witnessing further deceptions, Sulaxan decided earlier this month to launch a fresh hunger-strike. Full story >>
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Indian Commander wants ‘more training’ from genocidal Sri Lanka Army

[Sat, 19 Aug 2017, 23:09 GMT]
The General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C) of the Southern Command of the Indian Army Lieutenant General P.M Hariz, has asked the Sinhala Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake to offer more training for Indian soldiers at a meeting between the duo in Colombo on Thursday, according to an official news release by the SL Army on Saturday. P.M. Hariz, who hails from Kerala, was previously GOC-in-C at Army Training Command in Shimla. While appeasing the SL military, the Indian Establishment has been operating against the sentiments of Eezham Tamils by continuously opting for Sinhala-centric approaches in its geopolitical outlook. In July, China gained 99-year commercial control of Hambantota deep seaport. Within two weeks, India rushed with its interests in operating Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) for 40 years. Full story >>

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New Delhi suppressing memorialisation of VVT massacre wants to renovate forgotten IPKF tomb

[Thu, 17 Aug 2017, 20:30 GMT]
Tomb of slain IPKF military officer in Koappaay
The New Delhi Establishment, repeatedly losing in the race for strategic influence over the island since the times of Jawaharlal Nehru due to its botched Colombo-centric approach, has only managed to earn the ire of the Eezham Tamils during the times of war and after. The Consul General of India in Jaffna Mr A Natarajan has recently received flaks from Tamils for attempting iron fist control on journalists and newspapers in Jaffna. The CGI was not only trying to censor the coverage of a protest that demanded release of Tamil Nadu activist Thirumurugan Gandhi in June, but it was also suppressing the 28th annual remembrance of the Valvaddiththu’rai massacre by the IPKF. Now, the CGI wants to renovate a tomb stone of an IPKF soldier, which has been forgotten for three decades. It is situated 400 meters close to the obliterated Tamil Eelam Heroes Cemetery of thousands of Tamils in Koappaay. Full story >>

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2ND LEAD (Correction)

Colombo deploys extremist Sinhala monk to escalate Tamil-Muslim divide in Batticaloa

[Tue, 15 Aug 2017, 20:22 GMT]
Ampitiye Sumanarathna Thero
Batticaloa district organizer of Sarath Foneseka's ‘Democratic Party’, which is aligned with Ranil Wickramasinghe's UNP, is responsible for involving the Sinhala Buddhist extremist monk in Batticaloa Ampitiye Sumanarathna Thero to confront Muslims who are at loggerheads with Tamils in a land dispute at Mu’raavoadai village in Batticaloa, informed sources in Vaazhaichcheanai said. On Tuesday, the controversial monk, known for abusive language and violent behaviour against Eezham Tamils, was taking the side of Tamils in a showdown against Muslims. Setting Tamil-speaking Muslims against Eezham Tamils has again become a tactic being adopted by the Colombo regime in recent months to sabotage Tamil-Muslim unity towards the demand for merged North-East. In the meantime, Sinhala colonisation has been stepped up in all directions surrounding Kokku’laay lagoon to wedging North and East. Full story >>

Colombo's Intelligence harasses families of re-united ex-LTTE members in Batticaloa

[Sun, 13 Aug 2017, 23:16 GMT]
The Intelligence wing of the occupying Sinhala military has instructed several village (GS/GN) officials in the rural areas of Batticaloa district to submit written reports providing in-depth details on the whereabouts of former LTTE members, who have been reunited with their families. The SL military intelligence operatives have been visiting house-to-house in Kokkaddichchoalai in Ma'nmunai South-West division, inquiring the families about the workplace of the re-united members, their phone numbers, employer-details and when they were supposed to be at home with their families after their work. Similar surveillance operations have been reported also in Koa'ra'laip-pattu South (Kiraan) and in Poaratheevup-pattu (Vellaa-ve'li) divisions, rights activists in Batticaloa said. The latest harassments are taking place in former LTTE controlled areas. Full story >>

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SL Forest Department schemes Sinhala colonisation in Vavuniyaa North

[Fri, 11 Aug 2017, 23:02 GMT]
The Forest Department of genocidal Sri Lanka is refusing to allow Eezham Tamil owners of 1,750 acres of forested farmlands at Nayinaa-madu GS division in Vavuniyaa North to enter their lands. 175 Eezham Tamil families own the lands since they were given 10 acres per family in 1982. Later, due to massacres carried out by the occupying Sinhala military and Sinhala homeguards paramilitary, the landowners who had planted Palmyra trees were unable to maintain their farms. The entire area had become forested again during the times of war. All attempts by the landowners to regain their lands after 2009 have failed as the SL Forest Department has been blocking them from entering the lands. Now, the lands are about to be secretly transferred to Sinhala colonists, TNA Parliamentarian Sivaskathi Ananthan has said. Full story >>

Occupying Colombo harasses resettled Tamils through 3 Intelligence squads in Champoor

[Wed, 09 Aug 2017, 22:33 GMT]
Deploying Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil Intelligence personnel belonging to SL Police, SL Army and SL Navy, occupying Colombo has increased its harassment of resettled Eezham Tamils at Champoor in Trincomalee in recent days. Each and every move by the people to democratically voice for their needs is also being confronted through Intelligence meddling, rights activists in Champoor told TamilNet on Wednesday. Genocidal Sri Lanka is attempting to deconstruct the social institutions and the remaining ability of the people to mobilize themselves, the activists said. “During the time of Rajapaksa rule, we were living constantly under the gunpoint in various welfare camps. But we knew who they were. But, now they come from different places with pistols inside their clothes. They converse in a harassing manner and we live under a constant military surveillance,” a grassroots activist commented. Full story >>

SL military land grab in North-East constitutes genocide: Ex-Land Commissioner

[Mon, 07 Aug 2017, 23:11 GMT]
What the SL State is committing against the villages of Eezham Tamils in the North and East, such as in Mu'l'li-ku'lam in Musali division of Mannaar, is a nothing else than a systematic genocide, commented former Land Commissioner of Eastern Province Kathirgamathamby Kurunathan in a recent interview to TamilNet. Referring to the definition of the UN Genocide convention, the senior expert on land issues was categorical in articulating the ongoing militarization and genocidal land grab in the North-East as continuing genocide against the Tamil people in the island. Northern Provincial Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran was right in passing the resolution on Genocide to the past crimes as well as the present crimes, Mr Kurunathan said. Full story >>

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Undeclared censorship imposed on books, magazines reaching Jaffna by post

[Fri, 18 Aug 2017, 23:22 GMT]
The occupying state of genocidal Sri Lanka has imposed an undeclared censorship on printed magazines, weeklies and books that are being posted from outside the island to addresses in Jaffna. The latest censorship is being practiced by the Customs section, which is attached to the SL Postal Department in Jaffna, informed postal department workers told TamilNet on Friday. Sinhala Custom officials are removing printed material in letters or parcels that carry any photo or image related to the Tamil struggle in the past. Even a magazine that carried an article about an asylum case of an Eezham Tamil in UK was removed from the post and the recipient was warned to instruct the sender not to post anything related to Tamil nationalism. There are also reports that journalists entering North-East are being subjected to strict surveillance. Full story >>

Colombo deprives renovation of four key jetties in Mannaar district

[Wed, 16 Aug 2017, 18:19 GMT]
Eight fisheries jetties used by Tamil-speaking fishermen in Mannaar district were selected to be renovated with the assistance of Asian Development Bank. But, occupying Colombo has declined to allow for the renovation of four of these jetties as SL wildlife department has silently seized large tracts of coastal lands through Gazette notifications issued in March 2016, Justin Soyza, the chairman of Mannaar District Fishermen Federation told TamilNet on Wednesday. The disclosure by the SL authorities about the seizure of jetty lands and the subsequent refusal to renovate the jetties have caused anger among the Tamil and Muslim fishermen in Mannaar. Tamil-speaking fishermen are planning to protest against the land grab and deprivation of fishing jetties, Mr Soyza said. Full story >>

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Students, families mark 11 years since genocidal massacre of 53 school girls

[Mon, 14 Aug 2017, 20:58 GMT]
The 11th anniversary of 53 Eezham Tamil school girls and staff who perished in the genocidal aerial massacre, which was known as Chegnchoalai (Sencholai) killing in 2006, was emotionally marked by the families of the victims at Vallipunam in Mullaiththeevu and also by hundreds of Jaffna University students, academics and the staff inside the university premises in Jaffna on Monday. SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa was briefed at least 12 hours before the genocidal attack by Roshan Goonatilake, the commander of the SL Air Force. SL Defence Secretary and presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was instructing the state-owned broadcast apparatus to carry a radio message of warning against school children attending LTTE trainings, said a group of rights activists who have gathered details on the preceding events in Colombo in the final hours before the fateful day. Full story >>

Chinese interests eye India's closest coast in Jaffna

[Sat, 12 Aug 2017, 20:56 GMT]
Poonakari, KKS & Palaali
Occupying Colombo is silently promoting Chinese firms to enter militarised Poonakari (Pooneryn), which is situated in a controlling location linking Vanni with Jaffna Peninsula, with Palk Bay and Jaffna Lagoon on either side. During the times of Rajapaksa regime, China was showing interest in a plan for building an airport in Poonakari. Under Maithiripala and Wickramasinghe, Chinese firms are being invited by Colombo without the knowledge of Northern Provincial Council. In the meantime, Chinese fishing firms are also entering Ariyaalai East and the islets off Jaffna for fishing and freshwater crab farming. The SL Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, which is complicit in grabbing the territorial seas of Vanni away from Eezham Tamils, is bringing in Chinese firms to Ariyaalai East and the islands off Jaffna without informing the NPC, civil sources in Jaffna said. Full story >>

Jaffna village terrorised by ‘revenge arrests’ of STF

[Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 23:22 GMT]
At least 42 young Eezham Tamils have been subjected to targeted cordon and search arrests in recent days at the village of Thunnaalai in Vadamaraadchi Soth-West, Jaffna. The so-called ‘Special Task Force’, which is a full-fledged military commando force organised under police of genocidal Sri Lanka. The normalcy of the village is completely marred by the cordon and search operations almost on a daily basis. The series of arrests have come as a targeted revenge against the poverty-stricken Tamil villagers, who smashed an SL police post a month ago when the police gunned down 24-year-old Yogarajah Thinesh, who was seated a vehicle after scooping sand at Kudaththanai and escaping police hunt. Full story >>

Protests reinvigorate grassroots movement in North

[Tue, 08 Aug 2017, 23:20 GMT]
Protest demanding release of Tamil political prisoners gains momentum in Jaffna
Grassroots activists from the North and progressive groups from the South have joined hands with the backing of civil and community groups in three of the five districts in North reinvigorating the struggle demanding dignified releases of Tamil political prisoners from the prisons of genocidal Sri Lanka. On Tuesday, coordinated protests were staged at the towns of Vavuniyaa, Ki’linochchi and in the city of Jaffna. The protests were attended by large number of representatives across a wide-spectrum of grassroots and civil groups as well as trade unions. University students, teachers and non-academic staff as well as religious dignitaries took part in the protest organized on the 5th Year Remembrance of two Tamil political prisoners, Nimalarooban from Vavuniyaa and Dilrukshan from Jaffna, who were killed following severe torture meted out on them at Anuradapura prison. Full story >>


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I was and am still an advocate against terrorism. I have criticised terrorism in whatever form. I never advocated violence, my objective was to generate non violent means of resolving the conflict, my research, writings and work was towards achieving this… I always agitated against violence, fought for justice and for the oppressed.
-Jayaprakash Sittampalam Tissainayagam
Tamil journalist (DOB: April 30, 1962)
Detained on March 7, 2008
Said after 520 days in prison in Sri Lanka
From the dock on the conclusion of his trial;
Tissanayagam was jailed for 20 years on 31 August 2009
under draconinan Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA)
First winner of the Peter Mackler Award for
Courageous and Ethical Journalism August 2009
Wins Press Freedom Award from CPJ - 1st September 2009


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Tamil Genocide Book
The Tamil Genocide by Sri LankaThe second edition with over 150 new pages traces the ongoing engagement in the Sri Lankan conflict of Professor Francis A. Boyle, an eminent American expert in international law, from the conflict’s last years to the present pursuit of UN recognition of the Tamil genocide and call for reparations. It is the first book to develop an authoritative case for genocide against the Government of Sri Lanka under international law. The book is available from Clarity Press, Amazon in soft cover or in Kindle version.
Durban Conference
South Africa to Singapore: global Tamils grasping geopolitics to act: The South African conference held in Durban has come out with many demands that are dear to the heart of Tamils, such as demilitarisation, stopping Sinhala colonisation, repeal of the 6th Amendment to facilitate free negotiation etc. But the slip was still showing when the conference avoided the term genocide. What was more ironical that betrayed the deception was the slogan of the conference organizers that called the country they want to salvage as ‘Sri Lanka’, boldly written in Tamil.
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1915 Anti-Muslim Pogrom
Tamil leadership need not shy away or react to unfair challenge coming from Sumanthiran: Eezham Tamil polity seeking pardon from Tamil-speaking Muslims should be unassuming, but it should come in an enlightening way to the edification of the Colombo-centric agenda or the powers-guided agenda, pursued in the past as well as in the present. Otherwise, it may only amount to conferring impunity to the State in Colombo and its abettors.
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Kathirgamathamby Kurunathan
Retired land commissioner of Eastern Province on Structural Genocide against Eezham Tamils: The systematic seizure of traditional lands belonging to the Tamil speaking people of the North-East have been widespread under the guise of archaeological, forest and wild-life conservations and subsequently carried out through the acts of demarcating these lands under the purview of the state apparatuses such as the Archaeological Department, Forest Department and the Wild-life Conservation Department, says retired Land Commissioner of the Eastern Province Karthirgamathamby Kurunathan, in an in-depth video interview to TamilNet.
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Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam
TNPF rejects ‘domestic investigations’ upheld by USA: The fact that the United States and the US Secretary of State John Kerry would consider the post January 08th 2015 situation in Sri Lanka, with the new government favourable, is understandable. But, for him to suggest that there is a favourable condition for the Tamils, is stretching too far, said Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, responding to a question from TamilNet.
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V. Thevaraj
Sivaram, Wigneswaran saw futility in convincing Sinhala polity: senior editor: The failure of Sivaram and his transfer into a staunch Tamil nationalist is analogical to the political course and current stand of the NPC Chief Minister, Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, said veteran Tamil journalist and editor, Mr. V. Thevaraj, addressing the 10th assassination anniversary meet of Sivaram held in Batticaloa on Wednesday.
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Sivaram in late 90s
New generation of organic intellectuals needed to continue Sivaram’s work: Informed by Tamil literature as much by Tamil history, Marxism as much as Poststructuralism, Thucydides as much as contemporary COIN theorists, Sivaram worked for the Eelam Tamil cause as a leading politico-military analyst and as a true “organic intellectual,” writes RM Karthick.
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Sivaram memorial event in Chennai
Sivaram commemorated in Tamil Nadu on 10th anniversary of his assassination: Journalist Revati Laul, who served as special correspondent at Tehelka and NDTV, journalist Priyamvatha Panchapagesan, an associate editor with News X, journalist Radhika Sudhakar, writer Aazhi Senthil Nathan and activists Thirumurugan Gandhi, coordinator of May 17 movement and Dr. Ezhilan Naganathan, the founder of I'laignar Iyakkam were among the speakers at the memorial event held in Chennai on the 10 anniversary of Sivaram's assassination.
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Batticaloa, memorial event
Constitutionally recognise Tamil homeland to prove bona fides, exiled poet tells Colombo: “Would the Sinhala rulers of Sri Lanka ever be prepared to constitutionally recognise the joint North-East as the homeland of Tamils,” questioned exiled Eezham Tamil poet Kasi Anandan on Wednesday, speaking from Chennai, in an Internet-based video address on the occasion of a memorial event held in Batticaloa on the 10th anniversary of the assassinated TamilNet Senior Editor and popular columnist Sivaram Dharmeratnam (Taraki).
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Sivaram's article: Folly of Eelam
Break vicious circle of political obfuscation: Sivaram in 2003: Educating the masses on the designs of Powers and politically mobilising the people for the struggle was the central theme of the piece late Senior Editor of TamilNet Sivaram Dharmeratnam wrote to Northeastern Herald on May 02, 2003, two years before he was assassinated by the Sri Lankan military intelligence.
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Comment by D. Sivaram
Task of real Tamil political leadership: Sivaram in 2003: Sivaram Dharmeratnam alias Taraki, the late senior editor of TamilNet, wrote an article in January 2003, explaining the deadlock of the Sri Lankan unitary constitution which cannot provide for a solution within its framework. The international backers were also aware that a federal solution to the ethnic conflict was practically, legally and politically impossible with the Sri Lankan Constitution, he wrote.
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New Delhi should stop looking at Eezham Tamils through Colombo: Whether China or the USA, or both – whatever may be the ultimate foreign policy concern of India, the times are such that New Delhi should learn to approach Eezham Tamils as a nation of its own right.
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Ki Pi Aravinthan
Ki Pi Aravinthan's 2008 interview to TamilNet serialized: TamilNet serializes this week a 2008 interview with veteran former Tamil militant, poet and writer Ki Pi Aravinthan (Christopher Francis alias Sunthar), who passed away on Sunday in Paris at the age of 62.
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Palaka'ni: NPC resolution gives hopes on Tamil political unity The recent resolution presented and unanimously adopted in the Northern Provincial Council on historic and recent genocide against Tamils in the island, has rung alarm bells at necessary diplomatic quarters, say Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran (EPRLF) and TNA Councillor M.K. Shivajilingam (TELO). In a Palaka'ni interview to TamilNet this week, Mr Shivajilingam said there were attempts afoot to influence certain Tamil diaspora activists to issue sophisticated statements urging the UN Rights Chief to postpone the OISL report.
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Opinion: Understanding accountability: international investigation on outlook crime: NPC Chief Minister Justice CV Wigneswaran observed that such an investigation would make Sinhala people to see the truth and would help getting justice. Equally important or more important is an international investigation on the adamant ‘outlook crime’ of certain powers that fundamentally contributed to the genocide, especially in the recent decades.
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NPC CM Justice C.V. Wigneswaran
Wigneswaran exposes US delay tactics at Geneva: “In my recent conversation with Ms Biswal, I understood that the USA wants to be in favour of the present Sri Lanka government, as this government is favourable to the USA,” Wigneswaran said. “When Ms Biswal asked what could be the appropriate time for the release of the Geneva report and when I replied that it should be in March, she didn’t accept it,” the NPC-CM said.
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Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam
Key to struggle is to change outlook of powers: Gajendrakumar: The outlook of Powers with regards Tamil national question in the island doesn’t come from lack of knowledge, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said in a Palaka'ni interview last week, naming US-dominated West, India and China as actors primarily involved. The change in their outlook to accommodate Tamil interests is certainly not going to be through education, it is something that has to come through a struggle, he said.
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CV Wigneswaran
Wigneswaran calls for international investigation on genocide: In a key development, the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council (NPC), Justice CV Wigneswaran, on Tuesday called for real international investigations on genocide against Tamils committed by the successive governments since Ceylon's independence from the British in 1948.
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